Photograph by Kara Birnbaum

Photograph by Kara Birnbaum

Andriana Nativio was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. In May of 2017 she obtained her BFA in Photography from Bowling Green State University. She lives and works back and forth between Columbus, Ohio & Rockport, Maine. She is currently working as a photography teaching assistant at Maine Media Workshops + College. 

Nativio photographs her subjects primarily with a 4x5 view camera. She chooses to work in this medium because of the way she sees differently through the 4x5 camera. Nativio also believes it provides an experience that her subjects may not be accustomed, which in turn causes their gaze to be different when being photographed with a large camera. 

In addition to her fine art work, Nativio has always taken pride in photographing the special moments her clients share with her. 


Instagram: @AndrianaNPhoto